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Know your property is protected with our guarantees

21-Day Lease Guarantee

We guarantee that we will find a new, qualified tenant within 21 days of the home being rent-ready and listed at our recommended rent price. If not, we place the tenant for free.

Pet Damage Guarantee

If a pet that we approved causes damage to the client's house, we will cover the cost of repairs up to $3,000.

Property Damage Guarantee

If a tenant moves out and causes damage to the property beyond normal wear and tear, Revolution will cover the cost of repairs up to $3k.

Insured Tenant Guarantee

We guarantee that every tenant we place is covered by $100,000 in liability insurance. We are able to guarantee this because we provide the coverage ourselves. No more worrying about uninsured tenants.

Rental Collection Guarantee Program

Our Rent Advance benefit provides up to 12 months of rent payments upfront for qualified leases, irrespective of resident payment.

Good Tenant Guarantee

If the tenant that we place in a client's house does not serve out the full year of their first lease, then we will place another tenant for free.

Lost Rent Guarantee

If a tenant skips out on their lease or must be evicted, Revolution will pay the lost rent up to two (2) months.

Client Satisfaction Guarantee

Revolution is so confident in our service that we guarantee it. If you aren't happy with us, we'll make it right with free management services for one month.

No Hidden Fees Guarantee

We guarantee that everything we will charge the client will be listed clearly in the management agreement. No hidden fees. Ever.